“To inform Fold’s sleek visual look we took cues from animals in nature; the flapping wings of owls, Their feathers & eggs, the sunlight shining on their backs, etc., to show that a fold can be a most elegant natural shape.”
“Embracing inspiration from natural elements was a very large part of the design story at Google. I think you can see how it evolved over time pretty intensely, pulling from grass and trees around the time when I started there and moving to more complex concepts like the flow of time.”  
“Getting to work on the Google Pixel Fold launch was a real joy. My place in the grand collusion of design at that time was a lot of photoshopping, Figma wireframing, and After Effects editing. I worked with a massive team to produce art direction for the campaign, a launch shop site, advertising media, and videos prepped for Google I/O’s announcement event.”
“Web art direction, web content, and site design for watches was where I started, continuing on to the same areas for phones and buds. I had worked on site design/UX many times before but had never seen such an organized and elegant system for production. They run a tight ship at BASIC/DEPT® & Google. I long to bring this type of design systems thinking with me anywhere I go.”
“For Google’s 25th birthday we got to brainstorm suprise & delight moments for fans. Pictured here is the anniversary mini tote we designed at the Chelsea Google store. The Susan Alexandra team blinged it out for us!”
“While working with the Google brand my role evolved over time (they always do don’t they?) From working with star-striking partners like Seed Studio and Kühl & Han, to getting to create for the physical Google Stores in NYC, to leading a team using fruit emoji stickers🥭🍊, this was an amazing experience.”
“A huge part of my task at BASIC/DEPT® was to redefine an elegant, mobile-first, look for many of their older product pages. Like much of good design, it involved a lot of minimalism and scaling back, both for content and layout.”
“A really inspiring aspect of this work was that I was always encouraged to focus on detail, movement, and the way tech works on the inside with tiny details that channel massive ideas. This became very inspiring not just for content but for layout aswell. I loved getting to play with the scroll story of the design for Pixel 8 Pro.”

Erin Vandeburg

Erin Vandeburg is an award winning multidisciplinary designer living and working in New York, NY, USA. With more than 10 years of experience, she has designed for brands such as: Google, Uber, Verizon, Kraft, MolsonCoors, Mailchimp, NYC DOT, Pepsi, TED, and many others.

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