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minute maid juiceboxes


The Big Idea:​ Single use plastics are for the bees_ 

Plastics kill wildlife and poison us all. Straws are a hot-button topic, but they aren’t the only problem. The chemicals used to line paper packaging prevent bio-degradation, and pollute groundwater. That’s a heavy toll for one juice box. Introducing a packaging solution that’s 100% biodegradable, thanks to our fuzzy friends, the bees. It’s liner is made from a mixture of boiled honey and beeswax. It’s outer paper is 100% post-consumer, and its inner paper is seed paper. This allows kids to plant their empty juice box and watch a bee-centric garden grow. These new Minute Maid juice boxes are a delicious drink, a fun activity, and a teaching moment to help parents and kids connect over the topic of natural sustainability. *48 Hour Repack Finalist*

Year 2020

Materials/Programs Seed Paper/Bees Wax/Honey/InDesign/Premiere